Rythmical composition for body, floor and water.

Since longtime fascinated by water for its sonorities and its infinite imaginary, I got involved in several site-specific performances where I had the possibility to explore my interest and my relationship with the surrounding environments: on the seashore, on the banks of a river, nearby a fountain, etc. Over time, from simple scenic element and potential spatial-dynamic limit, to me water has become that evocative sound element that co-stars a rhythmic and narrative dialogue


I am looking for an interdisciplinary, new approach to the choreographic where choreography and sound do not emerge as single artistic actions, but indistinctively together. A dance set to music, a sound creating movement, with the body or with musical instruments, because rhythm is in every form, because every material is melodious. Particular attention goes to the gestures of the dance, of the percussion, as well as the sound atmosphere that I create: always consistent with the status and the color of each part.
Sound – Movement – Gesture – Storytelling for me are closely related and in synergy.


A dialogue between a body and the water.
Daily gestures, sacred gestures.
The discovery, a ritual.
Mirror, window on another dimension.
Ancestral memories that appear to explain the present and trace the path.

Presented as part of the Cie Kibaro show  “ Echoes and Visions” c/o ” Castello d’Albertis”, Museum of World’s cultures , Genova (2013), guest as work in progress in the international event “Shut up and Dance” , Roma (2014), international festival Mama Africa (2014) ,Festival “Microcultura”, Barcelona (2014), Conference Medecins du Monde, Bern – Switzerland (2014), Eve dance Festival, Burghausen – Germany (2014), Hip Hope , Vocklabruk – Austria (2015), Carinthyan XBreak, Feldkirchner – Austria (2015), Solo coreografico, Torino – Italy (winning the Choreography prize and the invitation for 1,2,3 Soli festival in Lyon) (2015).

The Solo debuted in its complete form on september 2015 at D’Albertis Castle  – Museum of world Cultures, Genova, during european heritage days promoted by Mibac. During 2016 it was invited to many international Festival : 1,2,3 Soli, Lyon (France), Tamadi Arts International , Carvin (France), Longlake Lugano Festival (Switzerland). Invited to the international meeting ICOM (International Council of Museums), guest for Eutopia Ensemble/Teatro della Tosse, Genoa (Italy), International Body Music Festival, Paris (France).

Screened during the Movie Festival Univerciné Nantes 2017.

Next Dates :

10 febbruary 2017 Teatro dell’Archivolto, Genova (Italy)

18 february 2017 Festival In Sincronia, Piacenza (Italy)

19 february 2017 Oltre Confine, Albisola (Savona-Italy)

4 june 2017 Body Rhythm Hamburg Festival (Hamburg, Germany) LINK

Time :  25 minuts around

Styles : Percussive dance – body percussion/hip hop/contemporary.

Credits :

  • Castello D’Albertis – Museo delle Culture del Mondo Who offered his spaces as creative residency, to perform and to shoot the video trailer. Castle who really inspired this work since his birth.
  • Centro Culturale Mojud A cultural center, but for me a second home.
  • Bogliasco Foundation – Fondazione americana per artisti Who offerd his support and his wonderful spaces to create and perform.

Concept, rhythmical composition, choreo & interpretation : Federica Loredan


NEWSLETTER N°79 – OCTOBER 2016 ICME (International Council Museums of Ethnography)

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