From a traditional Yoruba pataki: 

one day, a woman named Batà went to the river in order to do some rites to find a husband. While she was doing her rituals, Shango – the god of virility, thunder and fire – came to her. After their union, he decides to transform her into a musical instrument, the percussion, in order to be able to always bring her with him; thus originated the batà triadic percussion called iyà-itotele-ocòncolo (meaning, therefore, mother-father-child). 

The myth of Batà & Shango colors the background of this piece and melts in the personal : a woman, a resonant body , the excitement of the meeting and the difficulty of adapting to new spaces in a relationship. By melting different languages, all coming from her background such as sign language, hip hop and contemporary dance, and through the composition of a new body music – not static, but integrated into my movement – Federica Loredan wants to stage the human search for another person outside ourselves, the power of love and passion that expresses itself in the “sacrifice” to stay in a couple.

She also explored further materials, sounds and languages with the collaboration of an artist from her company: Daouda Diabaté, who composed an original music in order to match and drive her choreographic parts. A new concept of scenic-dynamic music, where the movement produce a sound and the music draws the space.


MUSIC : DAOUDA DIABATE (voice, ‘ngonì & barà) & FEDERICA LOREDAN ( body, water & wood)

CREDITS : Centro Culturale Mojud

TIME : 30 minutes


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