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Federica Loredan’s philosophy is based on the concept of completeness.

It is not only a matter of technique, style, creativity, look, knowledge or awareness, it’s about the presence in her work of all these aspects combined, just as a good dish consists of a recipe, the amalgamation of the flavors and food presentation.

Fuelled by the versatility of her experience, F. is always looking for new inspirations, influences and bold ideas, to make sure that her product is never equal to itself and that it is not only technically and aesthetically pleasing but also a vehicle for conveying a message.

The teaching of F. does not revolve around the way different dance styles are performed, but mostly around why every single style is different in quality of movement and dynamics, going back to their historical and cultural roots.

Her dynamic approach to the production of a show is developed through the study of harmony among the skills of the dancers, emphasizing their peculiarities and pushing each element to his/her full potential, without neglecting the search for a captivating and never banal visual impact

With the love and passion she puts into her work, F. conveys her multifaceted background in a stimulating and generous way, because being a dancer means having preparation, sensitivity, musicality, energy, consciousness of your own body and of the space around you. Being complete. ” S.B.

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