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24 January 2017

As you probably know, I am working on SIRENE, my new project. (Click for further information).

This creation had me to take a look deeper into myself, it took me to Lampedusa to meet and get closer to the refugees that have just landed and their reality, I spent time working together in many refugee camp turning myself into a living cultural connection througout music and dance, giving me the chance to enrich my life and my work even more.
I have recently opened a Cultural Association that will help me to better realize my ideas and that’s why I have chosen to open a supporting campaign.

I turn unusual surfaces into musical instruments, I have created a resonant dance, I move between the hip hop underground scene and the more etno-anthropological museums context. Since I am definetely opening new frontiers for the italian and international scene I ‘m finding difficult to clearly contextualize my personal work. This is my treasure but also a limit when it comes to find founds and be recognized by the system and at the moment I’m completely self-financing this project.
The costs are high and there are also several professional figures involved and depending on me :  video makers, costume designers, photographers,light designers,techincians and so on.

If you trust my work and you would like to suppport my projects  helping me out in the self-production of SIRENE, you can make a free donation to my Association



Banca Prossima
IBAN IT81 J033 5901 6001 0000 0148 445



No matter the amount of your help, it will be precious in any case.
As a sign of gratitude, I will be glad to give you


Official t-shirt limited edition
realised by
the the multi-awarded & very talented artist
Giulietta Pastorino.
Available on S-M-L-XL

Thank you for your time and sensibility and for your precious support. Feel free to forward this email to your contacts if you think it is worthy.

Deeply grateful, Thank you,

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